CMU Summit New Venture Competition (“the Competition”) aims to build a communication platform for leading Chinese and American entrepreneurs and investors. We are bridging the gap between the resources that entrepreneurs need and what the entrepreneurial ecosystem has to offer. The Competition strives to identify, nurture, and showcase emerging entrepreneurs to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. Our panel of judges consists of top-tier angel investors and venture capitalists from both China and the US. Previous years’ competitions have been supported by IDG Ventures, Zhen Fund, SoftBank China, Sinovation Ventures, and FreeS Fund. We also have strong support from academia and industry. Students from top universities and leading experts from China and the US will meet at Carnegie Mellon University to explore solutions to critical social issues, and seek technological and financial collaboration.


This upcoming January, we are transforming the traditional new venture competition to a more interactive startup demo. We will select 10 startups teams to showcase in front of more than 500 audiences in Silicon Valley. Selected teams will have chances to win distinguished awards, receive one-on-one mentorship from renowned investors and seasoned entrepreneurs, and connect with top tier venture capitals.


The New Venture Competition/ Demo is supported by leaders of venture capital firms in China and the US. Every participating team will have the opportunity to present their innovative ideas and products to the investors.