Career Fair is one of the most distinctive and popular events in the history of CMU Summit. The world-class talents that CMU has nurtured will be gathering together to start the journey of contributing to the society and the business world. 

This year, we are holding the International Career Fair at Mellon Institute, Pittsburgh! This event is free to the public! More than 20 companies from all over the world will participate this exciting event. The Career Fair will be held during our Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forums and is opened free to the public.

Companies will present their latest development as well as recruitment needs. This year, we are honored to have companies from multiple industries, such as technology, education, finance, and investment etc.Get hype to see large scale companies like Google and Baidu, Inc., prominent startup companies like Cybermiles and BrainCo, as well as incubators like RAVV Inc! Moreover, we also offer opportunities for an onsite interview. This would be a great opportunity to connect with these excellent companies for your future career development (please remember to bring your resume!).

Tips for interview:

--Be prepared 

Prepare multiple resumes just in case. Bring a pen. Try your best to know everything about your dream company. Prepare yourself and get to the interview a couple minutes ahead of time, and be your best self!

--Dress up

Dressing properly would leave the HR a great first impression and prompt them to know you more. If you are unsure about the companies’ dressing culture, just stick to business casual--it could never go wrong!

--Be courteous

When finishing up the conversation, please remember to smile and say a few words of thanks.